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Mar 26, 2020

Jack Ward is founder and president of Rugged Faith Ministries located in Springdale, Arkansas. A former high school coach turned businessman, Ward now directs a Christian non-profit that uses outdoor adventure to equip believers and reach the lost.

Rugged Faith hosts week-end retreats called Rugged Faith Boot Camp....

Mar 23, 2020

You ask the questions and Jim Ramos will attack them for you. How do you set an example of strength even when we feel weak?Do men have to be physically fit and love sports to be considered masculine? As a man of Christ how do you bring wife back to Christ?

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Mar 19, 2020

 God has given you five innate passions as a man

  1. Protector Defender: Your family FIRST…
  2. Fighter Provider
  3. Pursuer Builder
  4. Leader Sacrificer
  5. Finisher Conqueror

My Plan

3 Minutes: Pocket knife, cell phone, doctor numbers, Notes with all pertinent info. MY car has duct tape, tool and other necessities

3 Hours:...

Mar 17, 2020

You ask the questions and Jim Ramos will attack them for you. How do you know who your battle buddy is and why is it so difficult to open up to him? How do you find a battle buddy? And the second question is, how do you know when you are a man?

Men in the Arena Books and Swag

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Mar 13, 2020

Judge Vance Day - President, Promise Keepers

Vance Day is a modern-day profile in courage who strongly believes in helping to raise a generation of leaders equipped to address an ever-changing world.

Day graduated magna cum laude from Warner Pacific University in 1984. He studied Biblical Historiography at the Institute...